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Coworking Reviewed by the Wall Street Journal's Cranky Consumer

The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Cranky Consumer’ recently gave coworking try sharing their experience in a great article.

As sited in the article there are over 9 million self-employed individuals and 33.7 million telecommuters working in the U.S. today.

As we’ve noted since launching our first Office Space Coworking location in Akron…the dynamics of the independent/ mobile work force are driving more and more freelancers, entrepreneurs, & telecommuters to seek alternatives to working out of their home or out of the coffee shop.

We’re seeing more mentions of coworking in the mainstream media lately….from Entreprenuer Magazine, NPR, & now the Wall Street Journal, it appears we’ve really hit on a growing trend. Hey we even were lucky enough to be interviewed by WKYC.

It’s exciting to see this increased exposure. But let’s not forget New York, Seattle, Chicago, LA aren’t the only areas able to support a thriving coworking community.

Office Space Coworking, Northeast Ohio’s first coworking facility just opened the doors on our 2nd location. Now small business owners, freelancers & telecommuters in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls can tap into all the benefits the coworking community has to offer.

So if you know someone launching their business or someone who’s looking to escape the isolation from working out of their home, please help us spread the word. We’d love to have them join us.