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8 Ways To Avoid Resenting Work (While Working At Home)

If you work out of your home, like I do…err did, separating your work life from your life-life can be a problem.

Of course, to be completely self-serving I’d love to have you join Office Space Coworking.

But hey – that good things in time right. Meanwhile – you gotta do what you gotta do.

We find ourselves running to the office to check a few emails or sneak in one little thing right after dinner. We tend to watch TV with a laptop, fussing away on one thing or another, just to knock out a few things here and there.

And that’s the problem – we don’t know where work ends and our life begins.

Now for some, this may not be a concern. It’s only been since industrial age that we started the concept of separating work from play. But then again, we were really just trying to survive at that point. I like to think we’ve evolved since the time of indentured servitude.

Unless you create a wall – I mean like a Chinese Wall — between your WORK and your HOME, you run the risk of creating an environment of depression and resentment towards your business, towards your home.

Who’d have thought your home could be such a hazardous work environment?

Here’s some tips I use to put hard edges on my work life:

  1. Have an Office – I’m talking to you — yes you — the guy working in his daughter’s play room while she’s away at school. And you too, Ms. ‘I’ll just spread my work on the kitchen table’. Uhhh-huh — that ain’t gonna cut it. While it might be a struggle, it’s paramount to carve out a space of your own. This is where your work happens AND where you leave it when the day is done.

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