Referral Program

Referral Bonuses

We pay 10% on each referral we close

Refer your small space or short term prospects to OSC and each time we convert one to a client, we’ll pay you 10% of the contract fee! All you have to do is send us their info and we’ll take care of the rest.

Many agents prefer to work with OSC as we treat each deal with the respect and care that you would yourself. We pride ourselves on our highly rated customer care and satisfaction and you can be sure that when you refer someone to us we will make every effort to ensure the prospect is satisfied.

Referral Matrix

Membership Type Referral Rate Monthly Membership Value Membership Length (months) Referral Bonus
Multi-Office (large) 10% $3,600 12 $4,320
Multi-Office (small) 10% $1,800 12 $2,160
Private Office 10% $600 12 $720
Full-time Coworking 10% $300 12 $360


Note: Referral bonuses are based on the total deal value including any internet, phone, or additional services. You must be a licensed real estate professional, you must be the original source for the prospect as verified by the prospect and OSC, and you will be asked to complete a form W-9 and the referral fee you receive will be treated as income to you. Referral bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis starting within 30 days of the contract closing. They are paid out for twelve months from the closing date and are non-renewable.

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