You may have noticed that a few things are different here at OSC. We’ve moved some furniture, repainted the website, and refocused our efforts on strengthening our community. ¬†We’re doing this because we want to become a larger part of the freelancer/startup ecosystem while providing better service to our members. So without wasting any more time, here’s a short list of what we updated:

Pricing! We’ve lowered prices for everything except private office space (that stayed the same). It’s now easier for Akron area freelancers and startups to become members and get involved with the community.

A renewed focus on the community and events. Northeast Ohio has some SERIOUS potential and we’re going to help set it free!

The website layout and the new Member Portal. We’ve made it easier to get the most out of your OSC membership by creating a whole new member space.

The Akron offices. We’ve expanded into the next suite and we’ve created proper reception, mail, printing, and kitchen areas. This has also opened up the coworking room which we plan on using to host more events.

There will probably be a few more changes to come, but we’ll have to wait until they’re finalized to post about them. That’s all for now!

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