Congratulations to Tony Bacigalupo?Ǭ†& New Work City on their recent interview on NPR.

It’s a great piece highlighting the pros (& cons) of coworking and noting the growth of the movement and the trend of shared office space.

Tony’s quoted:

“I think we’ll be seeing in this century, we’re going to be moving away from the idea of a centralized Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 workplace, and we’ll be moving much more in this direction. People will work when they want where they want.”

Some of the pros called out in the piece include:

Pro: Flexible Work Hours

For people who dislike the 9-to-5 shift, coworking facilities offer the benefits of an office without the rigid schedule.

Pro: Collaboration And Networking

One of the cons of working from home is often the solitude. Coworking allows people to share ideas across industries as well as create new contacts.

Pro: Productivity

Coworking curbs more alluring activities like shopping, watching TV and napping, which are tempting when home alone.

To listen to the full interview or to read the article visit NPR Web site – Coworking Offers Community to Solo Workers.

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