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How To Make Goals Actionable

The other day I was talking with a member of our Office Space Coworking in Akron.

He wanted examples of short, intermediate, and long term goals. He wanted strategies used to support these goals as well as some tactics he could use to implement those strategies.

This is a need felt by many small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives generally any of your ambitious types wanting to do big things in the world.

My short answer? See the master, David Allen (

Now, the long answer.

I’m a HUGE GTD’r and have been for the past 3-4 years now. While Allen’s the first to admit he’s basically ‘packaging common sense.’ His system was the first to really ‘click’ with me. Simply put, GTD works because it’s simple.

Know your outcome, state your next step.

However, for a lot of people it falls a bit short when planning for the long term. GTD does address the importance of clarifying your desired outcome across multiple ‘horizons’:

  • 10k – current projects
  • 20k – roles / responsibliities
  • 30k – 1-3 year goals
  • 40k – 3-5 year visions
  • 50k – your reason for being on the planet

But most people spend so much time at the 10k level, they rarely get the opportunity to step back enough to reflect on the bigger picture. Or if they do, they just don’t have the tools to turn their long term goals into tangible next actions they can be working on today.
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