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Tapping Young Minds: The New Resource for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you are likely running your own show or have a couple of good employees to rely on. What you have probably learned is that good people are in short supply. Whatever your situation, you likely need more resources, but might be strapped by finances to invest in full-time help.

But knowledgeable, motivated and affordable resources may not be as far off as you think. In every business college whether in undergraduate or graduate programs there is always a class on entrepreneurship. Most likely, you have even taken that class! Now it is time to tap into these bright young minds.

Business students can actually serve as an extension of your company through an ongoing assignment that meets your business need. Not only are they willing, they are more than able. Their idealism may help inspire you to see what is possible and similarly, you can share your real-world experience to help them learn.

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