Attention Landlords!

Let Office Space Coworking help you fill that space.

  • We offer a profit sharing plan that will help cover your operating expenses.
  • We will attract attention to your property that can lead to further clientele for you.
  • We can reduce insurance costs by filling that empty space that is burning a hole in your finances.
  • Don’t think of us as a tenant, think of us as your marketing department.

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine described the coworking phenomena across the globe.  The ever increasing Entrepreneur market is rushing to Co-Working sites nearest to them.  That Could be YOU that they are running to!

  • Safer than Working from home.
  • More affordable than renting a private office.
  • More sophisticated and professional that working from a coffee shop or internet cafe.

Office Space Coworking is expanding, and we looking for locations in multiple areas.

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