Attention Cities!

Why should you encourage coworking?

Coworking Spaces:

  1. Retain talent! Coworking spaces offer opportunities for local talent to stay local. Coworking spaces offer local entrepreneurs access to the space, contacts, and resources they need to keep their ideas and their business local.
  2. Promote small business growth! A huge percentage of coworking members are small businesses. Coworking spaces provide the perfect opportunity for small businesses to reduce operating costs while improving business quality and productivity.
  3. Create jobs! In an almost impossible job, coworking spaces offer unique ways for individuals to find work. Big companies might still be laying people off, but small businesses and freelance professionals are finding ways of creating employment opportunities.
  4. Build community! Because coworking spaces create opportunities for professionals to work where they live (and where their business contacts work and live too), they help to increase community investment. Coworkers are more likely to shop locally and participate in local issues because they are invested in the local community.
  5. Help the environment! Coworking spaces eliminate long commutes for their members, thereby helping to reduce their carbon footprint and clean up the local environment.
  6. Anchor the local economy! Rather than relying on large companies to provide broad-based and long-term job opportunities, cities with a coworking presence rely on coworking spaces to recruit jobs into the area. Because coworking spaces are more flexible and innovative than most large companies, they are able to anchor the economy at times when large companies are laying off workers and closing their doors.

Coworking spaces impact local economies in both immediate and long-term ways. Please contact us if you would be interested in establishing a coworking space in your area!

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