It seems like there are new things popping up at OSC every day now! Today we’re announcing the addition of an anonymous suggestion box on our site. This obviously isn’t a new invention as the suggestion box has been around for easily over 100 years, but we really want to get your feedback. OSC has undergone a lot of changes recently and we want to make sure we stay on the right track.

We wanted to implement this feature to give you, the members (and even the non-members if you’d like) a private way to voice your opinions about OSC. We are striving to create the best experience possible for you and we believe adding this small feature will help us do that more effectively.

Now we know we’re still in a transition phase (after beginning our changes only 1 month ago) so we expect to see a fair amount of constructive criticism coming through this feature. Please don’t worry about hurting our feelings with your comments. We’re pretty thick skinned! Furthermore, if we aren’t aware of something, it makes it impossible for us to fix it. We try to be as perceptive as possible, but there’s no way we can catch everything. So feel free to use our suggestion box to let us know about anything you’d like to see improved or changed.

Click the button below to access the suggestion box, or just hover over the “Contact Us” tab, and then click “Suggestion Box” in the drop down menu.

Suggestion Box