Co-working spaces are booming, and it’s no surprise. The world of business is facing some major changes. Technological advances and economic changes are making the way we do business increasingly digital and increasingly mobile. Job boundaries are beginning to blur as old categories fail to keep up with the changing times. New jobs and new businesses are cropping up to accommodate new consumer demand. And, new types of businesses are popping up to provide services for the new mobile professional. In the Akron/Canton area, Office Space Co-working offers a home for mobile professionals, as well as business start-ups looking for an inexpensive place to get off the ground. Not sure a co-working space would be right for you? Consider the following list of professionals who have come to call co-working spaces home:

∙ Insurance Agents ∙ Attorneys

∙ Web Developers ∙ Social Media Managers

∙ Photographers ∙ Virtual Assistants

∙ Court Reporters ∙ Software Application Builders

∙ Home Inspectors ∙ Copy Writers

∙ Marketing Professionals ∙ Publishing Professionals

∙ Travel Agents ∙ Independent Film Companies

∙ Remote Workers ∙ Artists

∙ Event Planners ∙ Musicians and DJs

Imagine having such an array of professionals working one desk over. The opportunities for networking and collaboration are endless. Not only do co-working spaces address the growing needs of mobile professionals, they also connect those professionals to one another and to local business start-ups. Whether you’re trying to grow your business or just grow your career, consider co-working today.

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