Small businesses need small business support. Small business owners want to work with business partners and resources that face similar challenges on a day to day basis. According to a UPS Store Network small business survey (, almost three quarters of small businesses want to work with and have the support of other small businesses. Less than half actually do. Additionally, about half of the small businesses surveyed reported wanting to work with local business resources, but only about a quarter are able to establish those relationships. Small business need to know that they are working with people who understand their needs and can work with both their strengths and limitations to provide business solutions.

     Both the necessity for small, local contacts and the difficulty of making them are even more pressing for business start-ups, whose resources tend to be severely limited. Many business startup owners turn to networking events in order to make these contacts. However, the impersonal set-up and the flood of new names and faces can make it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Just as business startup owners need connections that cater to their needs, they need a way to make connections that can cater to their needs.

     Coworking provides the perfect atmosphere for business startups for many of those reasons. Coworking spaces are usually locally-owned small businesses themselves. They understand not only what it’s like to build a business up from the ground, but also what it’s like to build a business in your area. Coworking spaces also help business startups to make additional local, small business contacts. Coworking spaces are full of local professionals, small businesses, and freelancers. The atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration makes it easy to approach office mates to find potential clients and resources. Working out of a coworking space that understands their unique position and needs and can help to connect them with resources to meet those needs can give business startups just the boost they need to get off the ground.


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