The coworking movement is growing, and technology is right behind it. Apps designed specifically for coworkers are popping up and they might be just what the doctor ordered for these highly mobile professionals. Below is a list of eight free apps for iPhone and Android designed to support the coworking movement:


For Android:



The App Hoshies says, “‘Coworking App’ is a social location-based app that is all about finding and sharing coworking locations. Create new locations, find other coworkers and follow where they are currently working. The app comes with hundreds of worldwide locations.”


For iPod:



PariSoma says “An easy to use and light weight app to help freelancers and individuals looking for a place to Cowork.”

Coffee and Power

Coffee and Power Inc. says “Coffee & Power is the mobile app for work. Use it to find people with specific skills to work with when traveling or coworking. Use it to create a public record of your work achievements and to recognize your colleagues for theirs…Coffee & Power is invite-based and keeps a visible record of who has sponsored each member, creating a strong, accountable community of coworkers.”


Open Desks

Open Desks, Inc. says “OpenDesks’ mobile app quickly connects you with coworking spaces, shared workspaces, executive office suites, equipped business centers, and more. Find places around you instantly…Choose the right space for you…Meet with clients and coworkers easily…Work right now.”

Co-Working Manual

Xindanwei says “Introduced by Xindanwei, the pioneer of coworking movement in China, discussing the necessity and advantages of coworking communities, Xindanwei business model, key points of building the space, experience in business planning, community management and brand management. The purpose of launching this manual is to share experience and models, thus to promote the “coworking community” working model and change the way people work.”


For Both:



Coworkify says “Coworkify is desk reservation service and job marketplace for coworking spaces. To users, Coworkify lets you find nearby coworking spaces and also lets you sell and buy small tasks directly from each other. To space owners, Coworkify is online desk reservation tool that collects payment from people for open desks, conference rooms and any space.”



LiquidSpace, Inc. says “Choose where, when, and how to work anywhere in the US, anytime with LiquidSpace 2.0! Find and book great workspace immediately with hundreds of venues across the US sharing real-time calendars…Got spare to share? Use to easily list your available space. Make it public and share with the world or keep it private for use by your friends, collaborators, clients.”


Neo-Nomade says “Tired of looking for a place to work? Neo-Nomade helps you connect with great workspaces (website & mobile app). Wifi Cafés, flexible office space, coworking, meeting rooms…”

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