There are many reasons why there has been a recent influx of young professionals and entrepreneurs to the greater Akron and Canton area and why that trend will probably continue. Akron/Canton offers a number of benefits and opportunities that prove appealing to businesses and the business-minded.

The Akron/Canton area offers easy access to popular transportation routes. Akron/Canton is less than an hour from Cleveland, and less than three hours from Columbus and Pittsburgh. The Akron-Canton Airport also offers local access to flights around the country.

The cost of living in the Akron/Canton area remains much lower than in many cities across the country. In addition, there are many good school districts throughout the area. Akron/Canton continues to be a community-minded place and support for charities and non-profits has continued even through the economic downturn.

Akron/Canton has a thriving athletic atmosphere thanks to the proximity of numerous professional sports teams. The Akron Aeros play right in downtown Akron, and a short drive can take you to see all of Cleveland’s professional sports teams—the Browns, the Indians, the Cavaliers, and the Lake Erie Monsters. The Akron/Canton area also offers great access to parks and recreation opportunities for the athletically inclined.

Akron/Canton offers a wide array of shopping and dining. Numerous malls and a variety of restaurants provide something for all different interests, tastes, and price points.

Akron/Canton is home to Akron Children’s Hospital, the largest pediatric care center in northeast Ohio. Akron Children’s Hospital is gaining increased national recognition for its pediatric specialties, ranking in the top 50 hospitals in 8 out of 10 categories.

Akron/Canton is also home to the University of Akron, the public research university for northern Ohio. The University of Akron is involved in numerous programs to enrich entrepreneurship in the Akron/Canton area and educates thousands of young professionals looking to join Akron/Canton’s workforce.

Opportunities and attractions in the Akron/Canton area are already abundant, and they will continue to grow as more and more entrepreneurs take advantage of them.

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