Having a new baby is exciting, but it brings with it all sorts of changes and challenges. If you’re self-employed and working from home, those changes and challenges could be multiplied. For many, it may be worth considering an alternative work space after the addition of children to the home and family.

One of the most immediate changes you will have to face is to your home itself. Making space for the new baby could mean sacrificing part or all of your office. One writer for workathomemom.com says that if you are working at home with a new baby, you should add all of the following to your home office—a sleep area, a play area, a diaper-changing area, and a feeding area—as well as making changes to your lighting and arrangements so that they are more comfortable for a child. But, after adding all of that, where are you going to work? Often, a home office is not physically feasible after the addition of children. Joining a coworking space leaves you free to dictate your own work and set your own schedule just like you have been doing, without having to trip over the bassinet on your way to the fax machine. Additionally, because you can pay for only a certain number of hours per week, joining a coworking space still gives you the option of spending a large amount of time at home with your child.

You might also consider a coworking space as a way to maintain your productivity after having a child. Babies exponentially increase the number of distractions you will face at home. The increased noise and mess in your home will make it difficult to focus on work. Just having the baby near will provide constant temptation to stop working and play. Additionally, all of those sleepless nights will leave you feeling exhausted. It can be difficult not to give in to that exhaustion when your bed is just steps away. Coworking can separate your baby life from your work life, making it easier to focus your entire attention on one at a time and increase the quality of attention you give to each.

You will also have to face changes to your lifestyle. A new baby means no staying out late with friends or heading to the bar to catch up. Working at home can be extremely isolating, as anyone who has tried it may know, but the drastic reduction of your social life after baby could leave you feeling more isolated than ever. Coworking spaces are known for their friendly, community-like atmosphere and can be a great place to get your daily dose of social interaction, without feeling the guilt of leaving your child behind while you go out with friends.

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