Coworking, the use of a shared office space by otherwise unconnected companies and individuals, is a booming national and international trend. But why should you try it? Coworking offers major benefits that would otherwise be out of the question on a tight start-up, small business, or freelancer’s budget, benefits that you certainly can’t get working from home.

1) Host clients in a professional and private space.

The problem: Your living room is far too casual for meeting with that potential next client, and Starbucks can be overcrowded and lack privacy.

The solution: Coworking environments offer private conference and meeting rooms so you can make a great impression on business associates and potential clients.

2) Interact, collaborate, and network with other innovative entrepreneurs.

The problem: Working from home can be convenient, but it is also isolating.

The solution: Coworking puts you into immediate contact with other entrepreneurs and business professionals. You get the benefit of office camaraderie while also expanding your professional network.

3) Access all of the perks of working for a company while controlling your own work.

The problem: It can be difficult to be taken seriously if you do not have access to professional services such as office machines, a business mailing address, and more.

The solution: Coworking environments offer access to printers, fax machines, and your own business address, without any stress or upkeep on your part. Additionally, many offer business development and marketing services that can help to grow your business and client base.

4) Optimize your productivity.

The problem: All of the distractions at home can make it hard to stay on track with your work, and the lack of a proper work space can make it difficult to feel professional and efficient.

The solution: Coworking environments offer a change of scenery and an energetic professional atmosphere that boost productivity and efficiency.

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