Paul over at Idea Sandbox wrote an absolutely wonderful article on paving your life’s roadmap. It hearkens back to similar concepts, ala David Allen’s Treasure Map etc. But this is perhaps the most detailed ‘one page’ I’ve seen yet.

I tend to learn from other people’s examples. This article provides a ton of juicy visuals you can follow along with as you build your own roadmap.

Paul calls out these basic steps for building your roadmap:

  1. List Your Passions – Make a list of all the things you are passionate about.
  2. Identify Values – Group your passions into themes.
  3. Set the Situation – Determine what conditions should exist for you to feel you’re fulfilling your Values.
  4. Reveal Action Steps – Identify what daily activities you should be doing to fulfill your Values.
  5. Visual Report Card – Draw a graph to visualize and assess your current status. (Don’t worry, no drafting tools required).
  6. Take Action / Follow Your Roadmap – Now that you have the keys. Get behind the wheel and follow this plan to drive your life.

It then goes on to explain in detail how to approach each of these steps.

If building you own Roadmap is something you’ve wanted to do, but never knew how to start. I highly recommend this great article.

Learn how to Pave Your Life Roadmap.
Creative Commons License photo credit: donnas_diddlens

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