on Finklestein to Speak at BizCamp at the Taylor Institute on August 19-20

Join Ron Finklestein August 19-20 at BizCamp at the Taylor Institute for his presentation Six Questions Your Prospects Want Answered BEFORE They Buy From You.

Ron Finklestein is a business coach, consultant and international business author. He is the president of RPF GROUP INC, a company that puts business owners back in control of their business and makes business fun again. He does this by helping companies create and implement business, sales and marketing strategies that deal with tough problems they deal with


Ron is called The Small Business Success Expert by his clients because of his passion for their success and his knowledge of business. Ron is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives by helping them to achieve their business and personal goals and dreams.  Ron has experience in working in businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Ron is a faculty member on dailysuccessstream.com. His book 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales has been translated into five languages.

You can sign up for his newsletter at www.rpfgroupinc.com

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