Diane Helbig - Speaking at BizCamp at the Taylor Institute

BizCamp at the Taylor Institute is proud to welcome Diane Helbig of Seize the Day Coaching. Diane will be one of the 18 speakers presenting at this year’s BizCamp on the University of Akron campus August 19-20. Seats are limited – register now to secure your seat.

Clarity of Course: Leadership That Gets Result – Diane Helbig

Do you know where you are taking your business? How about how you are getting there?

To lead effectively you not only have to know the answers to those questions; you have to be able to communicate them effectively and bring people into your plan.

In this presentation we review the aspects of leadership and how you can be sure you are leading to get results.

About the Speaker:

Diane is an internationally recognized business and leadership development coach, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. As a certified, professional
coach and president of Seize This Day Coaching, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. She evaluates,
encourages, and guides her clients.

Whether she is working one-on-one with clients or speaking to a full house, Diane delivers on her messages of embracing the possibilities and maintaining
Clarity of CourseTM.

In her book, Lemonade Stand Selling, Diane offers a straightforward, common sense and clear guide to the sales process. She reminds her readers that selling
is as easy as when you had that lemonade stand as a child.

Through her internet radio show, Accelerate Your Business Growth, Diane brings valuable, actionable information to her listeners. In a conversational format, each
show features guest speakers who share their wisdom and take questions from the audience.

Diane is a contributing expert on a variety of business websites including Small Business Trends, Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, COSE Mindspring, and Top Sales Experts.

Diane is ready to work with any small business owner or entrepreneur to guide them to realizing the success they want to achieve.

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