OfficeMax Founder Michael Feuer Keynote Speaker BizCamp

BizCamp at the Taylor Institute is proud to welcome Founder of OfficeMax and Max-Wellness, Michael Feuer as our Keynote speaker August 19-20 at the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing in Akron, Ohio.

Michael Feuer is a highly sought after speaker, national monthly business columnist and soon to be published author of his upcoming book The Benevolent Dictator’s Play Book. Mr. Feuer has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs over the years with his story, practical advice and inventive approach to business success.

Mr. Feuer is co-founder of OfficeMax, which he started in 1988 with one store and $20,000 of his own money. During 16 years as CEO, he grew the company to almost 1,000 stores with sales approximating $5 billion before selling it for almost $1.5 billion in 2003 to Boise Cascade Corp.  In 2004, Mr. Feuer launched another start-up, Max-Ventures, a venture capital operating firm that focuses on buying control and /or making substantial investments in retail oriented business and business that serve retail.

Mr. Feuer’s most recent entrepreneurial launch is Max-Wellness, a one-stop store featuring over 7,000 products for head-to-toe health and wellness for every age and every stage of life.  This first of its kind concept in the world is set to benefit from the burgeoning Baby Boomer markets that wants to enhance their life, prevent illness and treat health issues. Max-Wellness which opened its first stores in Cleveland and Florida is now preparing a national roll out patterned after Feuer’s OfficeMax expansion strategy.

What is BizCamp?

BizCamp is co-hosted by Office Space Coworking and the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing.

BizCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from participants.

Sometimes referred to as an un-conference it is a break from the expensive,  pitch-driven, cattle-herding events that have become

all too common in the business world.

Rather BizCamp is a participatory event. Attendees help determine what presentations will be given and even have the opportunity to present themselves.

The presentations themselves are intimate affairs small groups of 30-40 people.

The sessions feature an open dialogue of questions, answers and -yes- even the occasional I don’t know.

Our goal: 18 sessions in 2 days. Topics will run on three tracks:

1) The Entrepreneurial Experience

2) Marketing for Small Business

3) Business Technology

Event Details:

Early-Bird Registration is only $79.

Visit to secure your seat at this year’s BizCamp in Akron.


The Taylor Institute

225 South Main Street

The Polsky Building, 5th Floor

Akron, OH 44325-4807


Parking FREE – included in your registration fee.

Thursday, August 19th

8am – 9am – Registration – Coffee & Continental Breakfast

9am – 12:30 – Scheduled Speakers & Workshops

12:30-1:30pm – Catered Lunch (included with registration fee).

1:30 – 5pm – Scheduled Speakers

Friday, August 20th

8am – 9am – Registration – Coffee & Continental Breakfast

9am – 12:00 Scheduled Speakers & Workshops

12:30-1:30pm – Catered Lunch (included with registration fee).

1:30 – 5pm – Scheduled Speakers

5:pm – 7pm – Happy Hour & Networking

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