To get what you want; stop doing what isn’t working.
–Dennis Weaver

You have your To Do list.

Do you have a Not To Do List?

Jim Collins’ book Good To Great was the first time I was introduced to this concept and I found it fascinating.

The basic concept is we all have idiosyncrasies which sap our productivity day by day. Usually these are seemingly little things but they add up quickly.

If you can identify where some of the holes are in your productivity, you can set yourself up for success by avoiding these items altogether.

Do you frequently get sucked into email strings that have no bearing on your original work plan for the day?

Do you find yourself obsessing about little gaffs you may or may have not made in the last to call to a customer?

Have you ever caught yourself whiling away the hours surfing YouTube for the latest Britney embarrassment?

Simply put: If they aren’t helping you accomplish your goals, stop doing them.

Some Additional Take Aways:

*A great Not To Do List can be found at 52 Projects

*Try to identify distractions that take away from your focus for the day.

*Reference and add to your list on days where you feel didn’t get as much accomplished as you would have liked.

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