What one does easily, one does well.

–Andrew Carnegie

What are you good at? Are you doing it?

One of my biggest challenges as a business owner? Trying to do it all by myself.

Intellectually, I know I can’t excel in all areas of my business. But I spend a lot of time obsessing because I ‘need’ to…

  • work on my presentation skills

  • be less impulsive

  • become a better listener

  • apply ?Ǭ†more discipline to our marketing efforts

Well, I could go on and on (and on).

Now, I know I’m not alone. I bet you could rattle off a whole laundry list of things you’d like to improve on as well.

This is human nature. We focus on our weaknesses. We let ourselves be held back by our perceived


But great businesses are built on STRENGTHS not weaknesses

Focusing on deficiencies are a distraction to what you can and should be doing now to grow your business.

The takeaways:
Know what you’re good at and exploit it to its full advantage. This goes for you AND your business.

Don’t waste time compensating for weaknesses. Master on your strengths. What can you be the best in the world at?

If you’re really worried about vulnerabilities, find someone whose skills you respect and ask them if they’d be willing to advise you from time to time. More than likely they’d love to have someone with your talents to counsel them well as.

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Good luck & have a great week!

2 Responses to “Monday Motivation – January 18, 2010”
  1. Todd Jones

    Great post, Kelly. So true about focusing on weaknesses. I never thought about it before. Thank you.

  2. Simon Raybould


    I’m not sure I totally agree with you – although I do have a lot of sympathy with your concern that people focus too much on their weaknesses! Very much so!

    Personally, I figure out where to put the extra effort in based upon how much I’m going to get out. Sometimes that means putting in a day’s training to cover a weakness but sometimes it involves a day’s training on developing a strength… I just do which is going to be most value-for-money (well, value for time, but you know what I mean). Of course, it means I need to spend a little bit of time figuring out where my effort is best spent and that’s time I could be spending doing something, but I figure that 10 minutes thinking will be paid back over and over if I figure out what I should spend the rest of the day learning or developing.

    It’s not about any one approach *always*.

    Not for me, at least! :)


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