As we work to finalize details on the opening of our 2nd location — this one in downtown Cuyahoga Falls. I figured, it’s a good idea to update everyone on our progress.

So here’s a few of the common questions I’ve been getting — but I’d love to hear more — so please contact me and we’ll work to answer each one in turn.

When will the Cuyahoga Falls location open?

January 1st will be the official launch date. But with the holiday weekend and such I expect most people will be checking in for their first day that following Monday, January 4th.

What has to happen before you can open?

Ohhhh the usual. Finalize some contract negotiations. Paint the walls & decorate the interior. We’re working on internet connectivity now and hope to have something up and running in the next few days here so we can start stationing our ‘advance team’ there.

Specifically the list includes:

  • Internet & Technology ready to go – make sure our connectivity is set and that printers / copiers are up and running.
  • Install presentation equipment.
  • Paint the interior walls – starting with conference & shared facilities then moving on to office by office in order of who’s reserved which office.
  • Swap out selected light fixtures to ‘modern up’ the joint.
  • Decorate with paintings and available furniture
  • Add whiteboard walls

We won’t be getting new carpet – just yet. But as we get more members and it becomes economically feasible — that will be the very next thing on our list.

We are looking at taking down one interior wall to open up the hallway a bit. But we’ll see.

Members will have a BIG say in what specific changes we make so we’re looking for as much input and feedback as we can get.

How will access work?

Same as our Akron facility. Members will get a set of keys for the facility and will have 24×7 access.

Resident members of one facility, will get full access to any and all future Office Space Coworking facilities.

Ohhh and did I mention we have an opportunity to open a Canton location like – pretty quickly here?? ┬áhope to know more an post out details next week. But if we can get that going, it’ll be our 3rd location!

How will membership fees work?

Same rates as posted on our site.

Although – NEW members who sign up to be charter members of the Cuyahoga Falls location will receive a 20% discount off our posted rates for the first 3 months of their membership.

Can I get a private office at the new location?

Definitely. We’ve got plenty of private offices. That’s one thing we knew we were looking for in a second location.

Of course, as space is a premium at any of our locations – we have to charge a *little* more for private offices than we would for someone willing to share their space.

But it’s just like we learned in kindergarten. Sharing is good. If you’re willing to pack up your things at the end of the day and put them in a locking cabinet located on site, you’ll save some greenbacks as compared to someone who just wants, nay…needs the privacy and security a locked door office can provide.

Either way, we have TONS of space and anyone coming in to work will have NO problem finding their own corner of the facility to hunker down and get some stuff done.

So while my recommendation is — be open to sharing, you’ll get so much more out of the experience by working side by side with your peers — it’s NOT a requirement.

The space you’re moving in in Cuyahoga Falls – it needs some love. Will you guys get it the same level as the Akron facility by January 1?

Yes. Environment is VERY important to what we’re doing.

Our mental model for how the site should look is…a cross between Starbucks, Apple Store, & Panera. Will we be there straight off?

We may not get EVERYTHING we want done by January 1. But through quiet and continuous improvement we’re confident we’ll create a work environment you’ll LOVE to be a part of.

While the space does need some sprucing up – it’s got all the bases covered. And the opportunites & potential for the facility are excellent.

Anyone who’s been to our Akron facilities knows — we believe in investing in quality improvements. And that’s our committment.

Can I tour the facilities beforehand?

Yep. Just contact us at 800-644-0683, Bill, Heidi or I can arrange to give you a personal tour and who knows maybe you’ll even get first dibs on one of the private offices.

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