Susan Evans, co-founder of Office Nomads in Seattle, was just featured in a nice, splashy piece on the merits of coworking in this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine. The article focuses on coworking’s rapid growth both internationally (and in your backyard).

Susan was actually the first person I ever spoke with about co-working. In fact, I interviewed her a little while ago for another Web site I was running some time ago. The concept and her energy & excitement so inspired me I decided to take a whack at launching a coworking facility right here in Akron, Ohio.

Now we’re working on our second facility – Office Space Coworking: Cuyahoga Falls. And let’s just say the concept not only works well in Seattle, San Francisco and New York — but even in our little neck of the woods.

Tony Bacigalupo, of New Work City got a nice mention but didn’t see any mention of Alex Hillman of IndyHall in Philly. Another national leader in the coworking concept.

Anyway it’s a great article. Espousing the merits of being ‘Solo, But Not Alone’. And I’m always excited to see the coworking movement get some props in the national media.

Special thanks to Blake Urmos for bringing this article to my attention, ’cause I completely missed it.

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  1. Susan

    Wow! Thanks for the great post, Kelly! Best of luck on space #2- that’s great news!

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