I met Charly a little after we first opened Office Space Coworking in Akron.

Ever since our launch he’s been VERY supportive of our little community.

He’s been an active participant in our networking & education events and gone above and beyond with helping members connect with one another.

Most of us probably know Charly from his work as the Director of Urban Connection. Urban Connection does some pretty cool stuff to give opportunities and education for employment to the non-traditional worker.

Urban Connection will fund this program AND provide jobs through the Urbean Cafe’ in the Metro Regional Transit Authority’s recently opened Intermodal Transit Center in downtown Akron.

So, essentially, it’s a charitable organization using it’s religious foundation to stimulate REAL economic development at a grass roots level….using BUSINESS to fund it’s mission.

I think that’s brilliant.

As Director , Charly writes curriculum, leads volunteers, raises money and manages relationships with multiple program sites. His vision is to see the Urban Connection model multiplied throughout this city and others.

On a personal level, I can’t say enough good things about Charly. He’s been a vocal advocate for Office Space Coworking and a great friend.

He’s been very supportive of our efforts – even going so far as to organize the crew that helped us move to the 3rd floor recently.

Now – I’m not a political guy. I have interest in our community obviously — but I don’t vote Republican and I don’t vote Democrat.

I vote for issues.

I vote for people — people with integrity and the ability to get things done.

That’s Charly Murphy.

So with Election Day coming up Tuesday, November 4th. I’d recommend anyone who reads this – and lives in Ward 1 – to vote for Charly.

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