Conference Room 'A'

I’ve tried to touch base with each of our members the last few weeks to let everyone know about our recent move to the 3rd floor of the Selle Bulding. I didn’t get to everyone, so this email is make sure we’re all on the same page.

While any change has its trade offs between the old and the new, we are excited and hope you see the move as a step forward.

As we work the kinks out, I look forward to hearing your feedback and concerns.

We’ll work to address each in turn and do our best to ensure Office Space Coworking continues to meet — and dare I say ‘exceed’ — your expectations.

Please scan the info below to get all the juicy details AND to learn about some special announcements we have coming up in November (including a 2nd location in Cuyahoga Falls)!

If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to call: 330-272-0315

What you need to know:

Where exactly are we? We’re suite 302 on the 3rd floor.

Has my mailing address changed? No. You can still use Suite 101 on your mailing address. We’ve coordinated with the USPS, UPS, & FedEx and any shipments to Suite 101 will still get to you. Both Suite 101 & 302 will work as a mailing address. You may want to update your business cards / letterhead the next time you order supplies, but it is NOT required.

Where do we park? Couple choices here.

Lower Parking Lot:
You can still park in the lower parking lot and walk up the 2 flights of stairs. I exercise (and I think we can all agree I need it).

Upper Parking Lot:
From 7am-4pm on week days we have 3 spaces open to us on the upper parking lot. Just don’t park in a spot that says ‘reserved’ for Corner Stone or ASW and you’re good.

After 4pm or anytime on the weekends — it’s first come first serve on the upper parking lot.

Under the bridge:
We have 8 parking spots under the bridge. Which is just a short walk to the ramp leading up to our space.

Do I need new keys? Nope! You’re old keys will still work. The exterior doors are keyed the same and on the same timer. The upper doors’ lock is actually the silver lock on the left side of the doors. It’s an electronic lock. You just insert your key, turn it about 1/8 turn to the left and the door will unlock.

Any problems or concerns — please give me a call and we can walk through this together. If there’s any problem with your key, we can just issue you a new one.

How do I reserve a room? One of the improvements, I was mentioning. We have 4 rooms which can be reserved online.

  • 2 Conference Rooms (‘A’ & ‘B’) which capacity for 10-20 people each depending on the configuration. Each contains a whiteboard, and LCD monitor for presentations.
  • 2 Team Rooms (‘C’ & ‘D’) each with 3-4 work tables and (soon to be installed) whiteboard walls (great for brainstorming). These rooms can be reserved for 1 or more people. We also have a portable projector which can be reserved and brought into these rooms as necessary.

Schedules will be posted for each room both online ) and on scheduling boards outside the room for increased visibility.

What’s this about a 2nd Location?
Plans are in the works to open a 2nd location in Cuyahoga Falls.

It’s a great location with free parking, private offices & plenty of space for meetings & presentations. It’s right off the Front Street mall between Portage & Baird street.

Office Space Coworking members will have full access to both facilities.

We’ll be hosting a special preview of the facility to get your ideas on the design, look / feel, & amenities before launching the Grand Opening in December. In other words, you’ll get a look at the space before Heidi gets to do her interior design magic.

If you’d like to see us open a 2nd space in Cuyahoga Falls, please let me know. We need 6 charter members to sign on before we can commit to the new location. Special Discounts & Incentives will be announced shortly for Charter Members

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Heidi @ 330-272-0315

Thank you for your continued membership & support!

-Kelly Brown

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