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Who This E-Book Is For

This book is for people who started their business wanting one thing:  INDEPENDENCE.

For many that may mean financial independence.  But, I’m talking independence in truest form.

I’m talking about the freedom to work WHEN you want, WHERE you want, HOW you want, and with WHO you want. I’m talking about the freedom to work on things that EXCITE you.

And YES, I’m talking about making as much money as you dream about making in the process.

This book is for people who got into business to so they can build the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of having.

What is this book ultimately about? Connecting the dots.

Your greatest challenge as a business owner is taking the vision you have for you, your business, and your family and making them all work together.

Your job is to take that vision and make it ACTIONABLE. Your job is to focus on your long term goal while taking incremental steps towards that vision each and every chance you get.

This E-Book Is NOT For


  • People who believe you need to work 70 hours a week to be successful
  • People who believe their job is to sit at a desk and ‘get stuff done’
  • Anyone who dismisses Vision as ‘hogwash’
  • People who define success solely by how much money you have in the bank

About the Author


Kelly Brown, founder of the Office Space Coworking, has 20 years of experience leading entrepreneurial organizations.

Kelly founded Office Space Coworking in 2008 after serving several years as the Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director for a publishing organization based in Canton, Ohio. Under Kelly’s leadership net operating profits doubled and ROI from marketing activities increased by over 150%.

Kelly is also a CPA. While he no longer practices public accounting and feigns ignorance when asked for tax advice, he does know his debits from his credits and is a whiz when it comes to P&Ls and spread sheet analysis.

Small Business Owner

Kelly started his first business at age 16 then started his second at age 26.After deciding to sell the business and take a leadership position in the purchasing organization. While he enjoyed the comforts of the traditional corporate environment, he felt the itch to start his third business, Small Business Guru, in 2006.


Small Business Advocate

Kelly’s passion is business. He loves teaching others how to grow and manage their business and has spoken at meetings and conventions across the United States and in Canada. His goal? To give entrepreneurs and small business owners affordable access to the same high-level management expertise that only large companies with big budgets can afford.

‘Business is Simple’ Approach

Kelly is ‘old school.’ He ascribes to philosophies of the Carnegies (both Andrew & Dale), Deming, Drucker, Wunderman, Covey, & (most recently) Allen (GTD).

Kelly believes business owners should seek to be their own guru through education and peer interaction. The answers are out there and are as old as time, you just need to know where to look and who to ask.

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