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I was one of the privileged business professionals who bunked out for a while at BizCamp.

As a mid-life creative who has had to move –kicking and screaming I might add–into this new media age, the dynamic presenters were just the type of camp counselors I needed to know to keep me moving along on my arduous journey.

The sessions I attended gave me just the shot of reinforcement and kick-in-the-butt to build my business with a renewed energy and confidence. What made the experience so special, too, was the accessibility of the camp counselors who really did hang with us campers even after class was over.

Now, I’d like to share some of my valuable take-aways from BizCamp:

Anita Campbell, Founder/owner of the Small Business Trends ( online business publication on the pratfalls of starting a small business:

  1. Being unrealistic about how much time it really takes to complete projects (double, triple, even quadruple the time!)
  2. Spending too much time on perfecting your marketing while your business is young
  3. Giving away too much of your expertise for free
  4. Not providing small ticket or sampler items on your products and services menu
  5. Not knowing enough about technology to troubleshoot for yourself

Ivana Taylor, Founder of DIY Marketers and president of Third Force Marketing Systems on the secrets to a magnetic marketing plan:

  1. Get outside your safe little circle to seize the opportunities that await you
  2. Be authentic. Find out who you really are and be true to it
  3. Do what you love for people you love
  4. If the position fits, wear it!
  5. The format (feel it, find it!)

Andrew Holland, co-founder of EYEMG Interactive Media Group and GameSnake online pick-up game matching service on serving two masters and cross-pollinating your business:

  1. Taking your gifts/strength/expertise and applying it to your passion will create success
  2. Don’t give up your day job until you know that your new business provides the resources for you that you really need
  3. Be your own best client set an example for your other clients
  4. Pay attention to your community/clients; let them tell you what they need and want instead of believing you already know what they need and want
  5. Stay true to your mission; don’t cave into what may look like a short term fix
  6. and don’t forget to dream and swing for the fences

Nathan Kievman, founder and president of and Business Success Unltd. on the power of LinkedIn to build your business:

  1. Go where the right people are LinkedIn (educated, affluent, decision-makers, new influencers)
  2. Master social media, social networking and social marketing to survive
  3. Create your own LinkedIn group
  4. Get by giving: participate in discussions, share business tips and invite people in to your network generously
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