Jason Jividen - OSC Member presents at BizCamp

Jason Jividen Presents At BizCamp in Akron

My head is spinning.

But it’s safe to say we’re going to do this again. I’m thinking our next BizCamp will be in June or July. But I need a week or two to digest all the great things I learned.

All in all – I’m just so thankful we had such a great group show up. At one point we had 40+ people crammed into a room.

Some lessons learned?

Next time we’re going to make it a ‘Thursday – Friday’ thing vs. a ‘Friday – Saturday’ event. Too many people have plans on the weekends — where I was originally thinking people wouldn’t want to miss two straight days out of the office.

We’ll also have to find a better way to stagger the sessions as the concurrent sessions made it hard for people to see both sessions at once.

Ohh and one last thing here are the results of our Exit Surveys:

Winner of $25 Starbucks Gift Card Drawing from surveys is Carol Smith of Midwest Research LLC.

Winner forĀ Favorite Session is Jason Jividen of Sanctuary Media Group for
“SEO is not Magic: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Findability”

Winner forĀ Favorite Presenter is Jim Kukral, The Biz Web Coach, who presented ” You’ve Failed, Now What?”

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