Coworking vs. Coffee Shop

Coworking vs. Coffee Shop

Just read great article from Business Pundit.

Love the reasoning for why a coworking is better than a coffee shop:

Consider the average coffee shop, where:

-A cafe latte sets you back $3-$4. You feel guilty if you sit around without purchasing a new one, making an average day of work there cost around $12, excluding yummy baked goods.
-You may or may not end up next to really loud, gossipy people.
-You feel like a ham if you are the only one with a laptop.
-The seats are often uncomfortable.
-You can’t talk on your cell phone inside. Well, I don’t. Plenty of people do. I consider it rude.
-You are obligated to look somewhat hip.

Coworking, on the other hand, allows you a range of cafe-like benefits, without the cafe:

-You pay a flat membership fee instead of a daily fee.
-Everyone has a laptop!
-You get the chance to collaborate with your peers.
-The seats are probably more comfortable.
-Cell phone use is more acceptable it is a workspace.
-The hip factor may not be a factor, although I am not sure about this point.

Read the full article here.

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