Marty Schwartz, founder Executive Insights of Ohio. Marty developed his credentials and skills by building and growing businesses while in positions of increasing responsibility at some of America’s most respected companies including H.J. Heinz, The Coca-Cola Company, Borden Foods, Chiquita Brands International and the Dean Foods Company.

Marty will be running unique hands-on workshops throughout BizCamp. Working with small groups of 6-8 people at a time, Marty will give you the tools and ACTIONABLE next steps you need to take your business to the next level.

would you like to improve your business results and enjoy your life more?

Experience the power of working together with a business coach and with other business owners in a peer advisory group meeting. Successful business people understand that multiple minds and multiple experiences are far smarter, more effective, and efficient than any single mind or experience. Simply put, better decisions are made. In this session you will help Mr. Ricky Valdez, owner of the Valdez Brothers Coffee company work through a few of the problems that are keeping his business from prospering. As an advisory board member you will be able to share your ideas and experiences while gaining valuable insight from other business people and their businesses.

This workshop will be led by Marty Schwartz, President of Executive Insights of Ohio, a firm specializing in business coaching and peer advisory boards. During this interactive and fast paced session, you will experience the power of several people working on a business problem and will learn several successful techniques for analyzing and correcting problems that often plague small businesses and their owners. With these takeaways you can make changes that will help you cope with that lonely at the top feeling and help you work less in your business and more on your business. Improve your business performance and enjoy life more.

Join Marty when he speaks on Friday, April 18th at 10am @ BizCamp.

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