David Scantling, chief executive officer of private equity firm Scantling Technology Ventures; Producer Norman S. Powell; Army Capt. Isaac Rademacher, actor Gary Sinese and filmmaker Jake Rademacher

BROTHERS AT WAR is a new movie coming out March 13, 2009 about three brothers — two brothers went to fight and the other brother went to find out why. BROTHERS AT WAR is an intimate portrait of an American family during a turbulent time. Jake Rademacher sets out to understand the experience, sacrifice, and motivation of his two brothers serving in Iraq.

And Akron’s own David Scantling is one of the Executive Producers along with movie star Gary Sinise. And we’re pleased to have David as a member here at Office Space Coworking Akron.

David has been in entrepreneurial mode for the past twenty years at a variety of small, medium and large-sized businesses.

He has led start-up technology teams at Uprizer, Econex, Grey Haven and Storage Continuity. As a senior executive at IBM, Hewlett-Packard and the US Department of Defense he worked on major business transformation, Internet and telecommunications initiatives. He enjoys working with people that are focused on delivering business results.

David lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife Molly and their 6 children.

Here’s the link to the movie site’s list of theaters and openings, which shows March 20 and it is at Regal Interstate Park 18.

Best wishes to David!

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