Cool Jazz by EHG - Elemental Hard Groove


For a couple dozen business professionals that dug their cars out of the prevailing snowdrifts from the Akron Storm of the Century to attend Live Jazz, Wine and Casual Networking last Thursday night at Coworking Office Space, it was nova networking.

After the third jam set at the end of the evening, we asked Eriq Troi, featured trio member of Elemental Hard Groove (EHG), what he called his sound. After some careful consideration, he said, You choose: Innovative, cosmic, urban rock n soul, jazz fusion. The guy running the live webcam off his laptop shouted, How about remote Santana-esque And the woman calling up our website on her Blackberry to see just how Eriq Troi really spelled his name, shouted, It’s sahh-weet. Not so sure about their take.

But, what we do know is that members could get their next 24-hour fix of EHG at Rosarita Cantina on White Pond Drive this Friday night. Eriq told the group they had to come to the cantina wearing red. As soon as we find out why, we’ll let you know.

As far as loungealistic goes, that was the group’s consensus.

Were we ever glad to hear that our guests got that kicking back, buzzing about, quenched positive karma experience from joining us at this festive occasion. And not a word about the economy in the tank or the mid-winter blahs.

Can’t wait to see everyone next time around!

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