As many of our members know – we’ve had some suprising success using Google Radio (yes Radio) in promoting our downtown Akron coworking facility.

Well with the success of those initital tests – it gave us the confidence to expand our broadcast marketing efforts. Staring Februrary 2nd we’ll be running commercials on our local Time Warner Cable network. We’re starting out on Bravo! and CNBC — each airing our spot 25-30 times a day.

Needless to say – we’re pretty excited and so we decided to pre-release the commercial on our site here.

I’d love your thoughts on the spot.
See the spot here:

One Response to “Blatant Commercialism…”
  1. Brian Layman

    Very Nice! What a good job. I would have added a glimpse the individual work areas, but beyond that, It seems like a perfect commercial.

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