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Joe Erickson on Data Backup & Recovery

A cold Wednesday night.

Winter advisories were issued. Roads in Akron we’re icy, wind swept and for by all accounts untouched by snow plows. Schools were closed. Activities canceled.

But lo and behold, a number of souls braved the elements to hear Joe Erickson present his Data Backup and Recovery 101: Disaster Recovery Made Simple workshop.

Joe Erickson, www.dataprivacyandprotection.com, gave a great presentation to a group of Office Space Coworking members. The 60 minute presentation was fun and interactive — with attendees actively engaged. Questions, alternatives and new ideas were put out by the group — while Joe held court.

It was a fun event as it was the first (but definitely not the last) event where we invited attendees to bring their laptops so they could take part in the hands on workshop. The idea being that after the presentation was over, attendees would have their laptops set up and running regular backups of all their vital information.

It was very informative and helpful. I really enjoyed it. And Joe was a very good speaker and entertaining, all the while, very knowledgeable….VERY knowledgeable! I’m definitely interested in coming back for more if you have him back again.
-Trisha Beban
Office Space Coworking Member

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