Social Media expert Staci Shelton of Evolve Consulting recently hosted an event at Office Space Coworking on the topic of Social Media and its integration into your business’ marketing efforts.

We were lucky enough to have our cameras rolling and she’s kindly agreed

From Facebook to Twitter Staci walks us through the strategies that will help you grow your network and increase your influence. I really found the information in this presentation to stellar and have already started incorporating some of her advice into our social media strategies.

If you’re looking for a good primer on the subject — you should check this video out.

Staci also provides one on one consulting — you can catch up with her on Facebook.

2 Responses to “Social Media by Staci Shelton”
  1. Tracy Y. Washington


    Thanks for posting this video. I look forward to joining Office Space Coworking in 2009.

    Staci, you did a phenomenal job in educating some of us “solopreneurs” on how to use social media effectively to market our businesses!

    I will recommend Evolve Consulting to my network.

    Thanks again!

  2. Mike Sullivan

    I didn’t get through the entire video, but I watched a pretty good amount. The thing I keep running into in so many conversations with companies is their reluctance to leverage youtube style video for marketing purposes. They feel if it’s not slickly produced with high quality equipment it will degrade the brand.
    It’s frustrating… since I’m trying to convince them it will do wonders for their brand to communicate to and reach far more people than they could otherwise.

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