Nice Article from Small Business Labs:
The Impact of the Recession on Coworking

We’re finding continued interest from people requiring a professional work environment – that’s cost effective and puts the right foot forward for a small business owner establishing themselves in the community.

In previous recessions small business formation increased. And today it is much cheaper and easier to start a small businesses or become an independent worker, contractor or consultant than it was in the past.

I couldn’t agree more. And as we see these businesses form…we’re finding we fill a very specific need for these new entrepreneurs.

Our members are looking for non-traditional use of traditional office space. They want a base they can come in and connect with peers, meet with clients etc — but they want to do it on THEIR terms and THEIR time line.

Basically the theme we’re hearing…

I want to work when I want. Where I want. How I want.
I want to the freedom to work at home but I don’t want to be trapped there either.

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  1. Office Space

    Both of these quotes are on target in today’s world. Having spent a lot of time talking to office space providers around the country, there are quite a few new businesses popping up due to the recession. The old saying goes that “there’s nothing stopping me from starting a business like my current job”. Well, many people are losing their jobs. Instead of going out and interviewing or standing in the unemployment line, the entrepreneurial types are starting their own companies.

    I have 4 friends who are currently experiencing this. And if they lived in Akron, I’m sure they’d come and work at Office Space Coworking.

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