Kelly Shows a Pretty Picture He Drew

Our pre-Turkey Day event – ‘Beer, Wine & Business Planning for 2009′ was great fun.

We ended up having 20+ attendees and I wasn’t booed off stage.

Our focus was Pascal Dennis’ book ‘Getting the Right Things Done‘. Amazon may have a few used copies but you can get them directly from the Lean Institute.

We reviewed the 4 step process Toyota uses in developing their annual plan as well as the importance of developing strong mental models for you and your company’s success.

If done right – the whole process gives you a business plan that fits ONE sheet of paper.

We recorded the event and I’ve embedded a copy of the video in this post.

Hopefully the info will be helpful and at the very least demonstrate the types of event and social / business networking opportunities we have at Office Space Coworking — right here in downtown Akron.

Click the link below to view the full video!

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