I was talking with a friend last week, Tom Speaks of the Impact Group who kind of gave me some good feedback for our Web site.

Basically, while he commended our overall design and such — he did say it could be confusing as to whether we were an online social network or a physical coworking facility. After touring the site, he was quick to say that such a great facility should be showcased better on our site.

We’ve got a great space – but our Web site and photos just don’t do it justice.

That said – I started playing with my new video camera this weekend and Adobe Premier Elements 7 and came up with a little video to greet first time visitors.

It’s just been up one day – but it’s gotten quite a lot of views.

I’d really appreciate your feedback — does it help us or hurt us? Does having my ugly mug at the beginning scare people away or is it a step in the right direction to help visitors understand what we do and how they can join us?

I look forward to your comments on both the video and our new home page.


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