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One of my recent posts raised the question — ‘What are you really looking for in an office?’

I meet a lot of people looking for ‘office space’ – no surprise there :)

Everyone wants some place to call their own. Not surprisingly, many come looking for a dedicated, ‘full-time’, office space. Something that’s theirs and ONLY theirs — even when they aren’t using it.

Well – I’d like to make the case that the hassle and expense of managing a dedicated office space just isn’t worth your time.

Now, it makes sense if you’ve got 5-10 employees and you expect them to be at their desk 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.?Ǭ� But who works like that? Who would want to?

The way I see it – most people want to work WHEN they want, WHERE they want, HOW they want. That’s what Office Space Coworking offers. Why pay for a full-time office when you only need it 5…10…20 hours a week?

Don’t get me wrong. You still NEED an office.

You want high speed internet, a place to make phone calls, print, copy & fax, receive mail & packages — and meet clients. But for most of us — we just aren’t using the office 24×7.

Sure – we want it AVAILABLE 24×7. We want access. We want it there at our disposal.

But shouldn’t you only have to pay for the time you USE the office?

Office Space Coworking provides you with the infrastructure to come and and do your thing — when you want, how you want.

We provide a fully serviced, printing services and presentation rooms and equipment at a fraction of the cost, with no commitments and no headaches.

So – before you rush in thinking you need a full-time office space — consider Office Space Coworking and take a tour of our facility. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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