Office Space Coworking Business Center

Office Space Working Business Center

Whether your trying to schedule you next business meeting or just need a place to hop online and get some work done between appointments, Office Space Coworking provides you with everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Just some of the reasons an Office Space Coworking membership is a smart move for your business:

We help you put your best foot forward. Working out of your home is great but when meeting clients you really want to make a great impression. Our facilities can be branded with YOUR logo and corporate identity using our digital signage. Your clients will be greeted by our receptionist and greeted accordingly.

The most cost effective office solution for small business owners. Most people pay thousands of dollars a month for an office they only use a few hours a day. So why pay for time you don’t use? We provide all the amenities of the modern office – there when YOU need it. But you only pay for the time you need saving you loads of money.

Work where your clients are. Office Space Coworking is right downtown. With convenient access to I-77, I-76 & Rt. 8, we offer easy access in and out of the city.

Convenient and easy. For many of our members we’re their home away from home. Unless your able to book all your appointments back to back, you need a place to work between your meetings. Drop in and out of the office on YOUR schedule. Print a proposal, make some phone calls, and get things done.

Business meetings made simple. Our meeting facilities offer everything you need to make your next sales meeting, seminar, or training event a breeze. We have state of the art presentation equipment – large screen monitors, sound system and projection equipment.

Work the way YOU want to work. Our facilities offer both private and collaborative work space. Some times you just need to bear down and focus on the work at hand without distraction. Other times you just want to run something by a colleague to get their opinion.

Work can be fun and productive. We offer an environment that allows to help you maximize your productivity. But we also offer a community of fellow business owners. Independent professionals that share the unique challenges of entrepreneurship and crave collaboration with a group of like-minded individuals.

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