Proposed Cubicle Layout for Office #1

So far – so good. We officially opened on October 1st and already have 6 members.
We’ve featured Jason Myers on the site last week and we’ll continue to highlight how others are using the space.

Something we’re excited about is — believe it or not — cubicles.

After working in the facility for about a month myself now and hearing the feedback of both new & potential members, we came to the conclusion that members still want some private space to work.

Whether you need to hop on the phone, or plug in your iPod and do some serious writing, ‘focus and privacy’ are key.

I’ve been going back and forth with for about a month now. Good news is we’re very close to finalizing our order with them.

I’ve attached a screen shot of what one room (about 250 sq. feet of our 3200 sq. foot facility) will look like after we’ve installed the first set. We’re actually planning a phased roll-out and will bring more private work space online as we add new members.

So while we still have plenty of open space and meeting rooms for collaboration, we’ll be able to provide dedicated workstations for those needing a bit more privacy.

The cubicles – inline with our new pricing plan – will be able to be rented by the hour. Essentially, members buy a block of hours at the beginning of each month — be it 10, 20, 80 hours a month.

Each cubicle will have it’s own power source, connection to Ethernet and the option of having a VoIP telephone.

We’ve got more enhancements coming — and I’ll be sharing those shortly. So, stay tuned!

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