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Jason Trains New Agents in OSC's Conference Room

Jason Myers was our first official member.

Jason is a successful businessman with NAA, a (fairly) newlywed, and wickedly talented at ‘Guitar Hero’ — let’s just say his talents in this area granted him some savings on his monthly membership fees after he soundly beat yours truly in a GH challenge.

He joined back in mid-September. Jason was raised in Stow but lives in Dallas, TX.

His insurance business has him making regular business trips into Akron. Spending most of his time in Dallas, Jason needed a flexible work space where he could meet clients and train agents.

Jason needed flexible space for collaboration so he could meet clients and train agents.

That’s where Office Space Coworking came in…his dad saw our article in the Beacon Journal and emailed it to him.

Jason needed a place in downtown Akron that would allow him to pop in – day or night – depending on the needs of his appointment schedule. He also needed meeting space to recruit and train agents for his insurance business.

Every other week, Jason can be found giving a presentation to 8-10 agents. Jason holds his meetings in the big conference room with the large screen, 1400 lumen projector, and whiteboard.

He also uses the facilities on the weekends quite a bit, making sales calls, hoping on the internet, or printing up reports from our in house printers before catching a flight back to Dallas.

So – if you see Jason around be sure to introduce yourself. Just don’t challenge him to a Guitar Hero duel…at least not with money on the line.

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