Towpath Trail

Towpath Trail - Great Views Right Downtown

I’ve worked in suburbia for so long, I forgot how much I loved working downtown. The more I go exploring over lunch time or just when I need a walk to clear my head, the more I fall in love with the city.

Earlier this week, I ambled down by the ball park and discovered the Towpath Trail runs right next to it.

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I had heard that it went through here but I was never able to find it. Here it’s just a few blocks from our offices.

It was a beautiful day so I just found myself walking and walking snapping some shots here & there along the way. I could have gone for miles. It was scenenic, it was relaxing…and it was RIGHT downtown.

Obviously, this is one of those side-benefits of being a member of Office Space Coworking. Access to the park system and all it has to offer.

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I said it before and I’ll say it again – man, I love downtown Akron.

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