One Great Launch Party

One Great Launch Party

We couldn’t have hoped for a better turn out.

I think we had a total of 50+ attendees join us Thursday for our Open House. It was a great experience and fun to meet everyone face to face. It appears the concept “coworking” is something the Akron region has been craving for some time now.

I’ll be sending a follow up message to all attendees — and contacting the winners of the door prizes directly.

For the record – Brandice Schnabel won the $50 gas card and Tracy Swarthout won the 3 month membership.

I’m also going to send out a follow up survey to learn more your impressions. We had great feedback from everyone. The space – and again we got lucky there – is awesome. But the real question is — did it meet everyone’s expectations? Will it match the way you WANT to work?

We’ve already signed up a few members out of the event — but we’re constantly going to be looking to improve the facility so it’s where you get your most productive (and fun) work done.

Ohhh and we have some pictures from the event — I have to admit we got swept up in the fun of the evening and only remembered to pick up the camera after things had settled down a bit — but it’s a good batch of photos and gives you a feel for the space with people chattin’ and such.

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