Last Friday I was interviewed by Paula Schleis, business reporter for the Beacon Journal.

She was a really cool lady and immediately grasped our concept. We’re having a photo session this Wednesday — I’ll try to keep my ugly mug out of the frame.

The article’s scheduled to be published Monday September 15th. As soon as it’s up, I’ll throw a link to it on our Web site.

As I said, Paula was wonderful.

We talked a bit about how & why the coworking movement started, why we think Akron’s a great place to launch Northeast Ohio’s first facility, and the importance of collaboration for small business success.

Tony Troppe also stopped by and was kind enough to share his enthusiasm for our project as well.

Tony and his business partner, Todd Ederer, own the Selle Generator Works — where we call home.

They’ve been great through this whole process — even offering to help us out with some conference tables and such until we get situated.

They’ve also helped connect us with leaders in Akron’s business community — TouchBearer’s, Art Cetera, and Downtown Akron Partnership.

Anyway – we’re looking forward to the article being out. It’ll greatly help getting the word out about Office Space Coworking — and hopefully give us an additional bump in attendance for our Open House on the 18th.

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  1. Annetta Adamson

    Stopped in to check it out and was given an early tour. They were busy getting furniture and equipment in place but I can see where it would be a great place to set up a temporary (or long-term) workplace. What an innovative idea! I love it that Akron is making use of the old, historical buildings with so much character.

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