We’re pretty excited now.

We get the keys to the facility this coming Friday and are already planning our open house, which will be held Thursday September 18th @ 5:30-9pm.

You can register online.

We’ve just posted some pictures on the site and we’ll be adding more as soon as we can get in there.

I’m dying to show everyone some of the interior. It’s very cool inside and we’re lucky that we don’t have to much re-work of the interior (if any). It’s kind of a cross between a Panera, Apple Store and a Starbucks.

Some of the highlights will include our conference room, two private offices for collaboration sessions and phone calls, a 1000 square foot room for bigger events but which will mostly serve as the ‘common area.’

We’ll have projectors and all the materials anyone would need to give a good client presentation. We’re currently making arrangemetns to get some nice printing / copying equipment in there. Everything will be secured wireless — we’re going to make getting online fast and easy as possible.

Anyway – you have to join us September 18th to see it in person.

We’re going going to have food, cocktails, music — and we’re going to throw Guitar Hero on the big screen.

We’re also having some door prizes.

One person will get 3 months free unlimited membership to Office Space Coworking.

Another will get a $50 gift card.

To learn more, visit our online registration page.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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