I love it when the the mainstream press picks up on the idea of coworking. It’s always encouraging.

Lisa Belkin’s NY Times article Working Alone in a Group (sub-titled A Shared Office is a Great Escape from Working at Home) is an interesting read and calls out many of the reasons we long for friends & colleagues to work with.

Working from home, Starbucks or even the local library is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, users say. You get rid of the hassle of the commute, the over-the-shoulder-boss and the mind-numbing cubicle. But if you stay home, you lose the routine, the companionship and the accountability (napping is tempting). And you spend a lot of time looking for plugs and too much money buying coffee if you go to a public space. (An ongoing dilemma is how much coffee to actually drink, because you don’t want to have to leave your laptop unattended to use the bathroom.)

It’s a fun read — and really resonates with my reasons for launching Office Space.

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