My wife & I love Chicago.

Something about the city life & the people that live there. It’s just a great place to visit and as it’s only 6 hours away, my wife & I visit often.

I had done a bit of research before our last trip and discovered Ravenswood Coworking in the Ravenswood (no duh) neighborhood of Chicago. I sent an email to the founder, Jeff Park and asked if I could take a tour.

Jeff was extremely gracious and gave us about 45 minutes of his time to show us around, share their experiences, and generally rave about the concept of coworking. He had some great stories to tell about some of the characters they’ve met since opening.

Their facility was about 1500 square feet. It had plenty of windows, a wide open work area, and some very friendly people hanging out there. I instantly wanted to join myself just because I took an instant liking to Jeff and the other members of Ravenswood….but alas that would have been a helluva commute.

Truth be told, my wife wasn’t so sure about coworking as a business idea at first. She didn’t get why others would pay to have an office when they could work from home…in particular she didn’t think they’d want to work in close quarters….but after speaking with the the guys there, she was sold.

I learned a lot from Jeff and he really helped us build our resolve to launch a coworking facility in Northeast Ohio. We’ve scouted out a couple great locations since we last reported out, but more on that later.

Safe to say – we are eagerly shopping locations and hope to make an announcement on that front in the next month or so.

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