Spent some time this week zeroing in on locations. I toured 4 locations. 3 in Cuyahoga Falls, 1 in Akron.

I toured the 1 United Building in Akron. It’s a beautiful location right in the historic district of downtown Akron. Beautiful outside, although inside it felt very ‘corporate’.

Still, the surrounding area is cool – with Mocha Maiden, Crave & the Chop House right across the street…and an Einstein’s Bagel Bros on the corner.

The only problem was the cost. The cost per square foot and charges for parking — I think it would make the membership fees cost prohibitive for our target market.

Moving on to downtown Cuyahoga Falls, I was going originally just going to look at a place off Portage Trail — near the front street mall. I met the location manager and he gave me the walk through. It was ok, but it would have needed a lot of work.

Then he led me to across the mall to 2 locations off Front Street.

One a 12,000 square foot facility, the other a 5600 square foot place on top of that location. These both need a lot of work as well. But I have to admit I got very excited touring these places.

The opportunities for conference rooms, lounge areas, and future expansion were all there. Not to mention, we’re considering offering child care for members as well.

Realizing many of our potential members are parents of toddlers — who not only need a place to work but a place to drop off junior. But more on that later.

For now, I’m really in love with Cuyahoga Falls. The walking areas, the proximity to Rockin’ on the River, the Skate Rink, the Sheraton & the highway — all make it ideal.

The only thing that concerns me is the lack of existing businesses in the area. There’s not a lot of successful retail locations down there. For the life of me, I can’t understand why.

I know the city is investing more and more in the area and I have the sense that the area should come back. Part of the dream is to have a bustling area with active day & night life.

In one sense, I think a successful co-working facility could help with that. 50+ members going in and out of the area will help the local coffee shop and dining areas.

All in all, I’m still digging Cuyahoga Falls as our first location.

I’ll still be doing a bit more shopping around. But I plan to invite some of partners to tour these last two locations in the next week or so.

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